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Digital Marketing for the Start-Ups

Digital Marketing for the Start-Ups
Digital Marketing for the Start-Ups
  • February 04, 2019
  • By Admin

Create a good first impression, because the first impression may be the only impression you’ll get.

Are you a Startup with innovative idea and want to be disruptive in the market? Then you need to communicate your problem statement, proposed solution and value proposition effectively to your target audience.  You need to build long term sticky relationship with your customers. You also need to fight out with well-established incumbents/businesses in the market.  This calls for building a BRAND.
Brand building is vita, be it in conventional terms or in the digital world. Users like to follow, interact and engage with brands. Google prefers to showcase salient brands in its search results too.

Startup with great unique idea and team, need to scale, stablise and become profitable through acquiring more customers, increasing sales and right funding. This is possible through unbeatable Startup marketing strategy (depending on Startup niche, audience and their behavior, nature of business) which is actually a mix of art and science.

The trending belief is that, Google knows everything and all information is available online, courtesy to internet, resulting modern consumers/millennials, always pegging on online research before they invest. As customers are moving towards a DIGITAL environment, which has been super accelerated by the pandemic, hence, Startups are forced to be in Digital first platform.

Digital Marketing is an established necessity for Startups to succeed in digital the age and in the world of cut throat competition with limited resources.
Activities on the digital platform will help you to analyze your market and layout of your objectives and strategies in Digital environment to build your BRAND for building customer relationship and engagement.

Digital platform is an outreach tool and also provides a window through which customer /audience looks into your company building a perception about your business in terms of professionalism, passion and quality. It helps you to identify your target audience, Increase web traffic - subsequent lead generation resulting higher sales – revenue.

Actually Digital Marketing takes care of entire Customer Journey

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Engagement

Major elements of Digital marketing for Startup

  • Targeting right audience
  • User Experience
  • Create website in sync with your brand
    • Logos
    • Right domain hosting
    • SSL certification
    • Bandwidth and uptime
  • Cookies
  • Search engine optimization
  • Use an build analytics for your website
  • Local business listing
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media marketing
  • Create Customer persona to select right social channel
  • Google Ad works
  • Paid campaign in YouTube, Facebook
  • AV marketing
  • Creatives
  • Influencer
  • Referral
  • Content marketing

Digital marketing needs to be tailor-made  for each startup and need to be curated according to the business stage.

A good start always helps to win the race.
Specialists in this field can provide a more comprehensive end to end service which will worth every penny. A good Digital Strategy will help your Brand to grow and fetch revenue / profit growth in Multiple X.